As well as providing laptops, here are some of the other things that can do to help you:

Windows to Linux conversion

Typically £40 per computer. Dual-boot installations can be done if you’re not yet sure whether Linux can meet all your needs. Discounts for multiple machines – please ask.

Internal cleaning / heat-sink adjustment

Computers get noisier, hotter and less efficient if they fill up with fluff and dust. Sometimes the fans and heat-sinks benefit from a thorough clean out, as discussed in this post. How long it takes to do this varies a lot from one computer to another so please ask for an estimate.


If you were happy with the laptop we sold you, but now you need to do some more demanding work on it, please get in touch as we can often perform upgrades that will push the performance of the computer significantly. The most common tasks undertaken are increasing the size of the memory (RAM) and changing the storage from a hard disk drive to a faster solid-state drive (SSD).


We aim to provide durable computers but everything will break if you hit it hard enough. We can source and fit replacement parts in most circumstances.

Buy-back scheme

If you’ve decided you no longer need the laptop you bought from us, don’t just leave it in the bottom of a drawer – it could be useful for someone else, who could avoid the unnecessary consumption of buying a new one if yours was re-used again!

We will offer you a price depending on how long you’ve had the laptop for and what condition it’s in. We aim to beat what you could get on ebay as a benchmark, with the added advantage that keeping it local reduces CO2 emissions from transport.