If you’re anxious about making the switch to free software, you needn’t be. There’s a global movement making and using free software, and can help set you on the path to a more personal way of interacting with computers and the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of people like you using computers like these and it’s easy to get on-line support once you know where and how to ask.

It’s all about community, and that’s why we meet up monthly at Alington House Community Centre in the City of Durham. You can expect to meet us, some volunteers who are experienced GNU/Linux users, and other customers like yourself.

We see after-sales support as something that overlaps with learning new skills, so you can come and join in whether you have a problem like “I think it’s broken because it doesn’t do this thing…” or a question like “It works fine, now can you show me how to do this thing?”

Our model of support is peer-led, and we want you as our customers to help each other as well as getting help from us. If you would like to put something on the agenda for the next month, either turn up at the start of the session and write it on the whiteboard, or let us know in advance so we can prepare some resources. It’s up to you.

Club meeting schedule

All meetings start at 11AM and finish at 1PM in Room 2 at Alington House

From August 2016, the club has been temporarily closed. We hope to re-open it soon.

Meanwhile, any customers needing support should please make contact and we’ll sort something out.