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This site is left in place for information and educational purposes.

If you are a previous customer and require support, please get in touch and we’ll try to sort something out.

Our general-purpose laptop models are suitable for most people’s needs, but can be tailored to your circumstances. Different models can be ordered in specially if needed.

To place an order or start a discussion about your requirements, please email or leave a message on our answering machine at 0191 303 8203 and we’ll get back to you.

Read on for more information about what we offer and how we do it.

A different approach

Owning a computer is pretty much essential for most people these days. At, we think it’s time to change the way we think about these machines from being rich consumers’ toys to ordinary peoples’ tools. That’s why we are now offering expertly re-purposed laptops, with a 6-month support package, starting from £100 each.

The computers we sell have been carefully selected from the millions no longer wanted by businesses. We choose them because they’re well made, in good condition, and they work well with free software like the GNU/Linux operating system.

We test each one carefully, erase any data we find on the hard disk, and install the Linux Mint operating system. This comes with all the software most people need (like a web browser, video player, music player, photo editor and office suite.) If you need to use a specific piece of software, or you have very demanding needs (e.g. editing lots of HD video), ask us to recommend a solution.

Buying a computer can be confusing, because manufacturers are constantly changing things to make you think you need a new one although you really don’t. Also, computers that are very slow when running Windows can be much faster when running Linux. So to avoid any confusion, we’ll tell you what our laptops can do, rather than the numbers on the chips, unless you ask.

Our laptops all:

  • Start up in less than 60 seconds, and wake up from stand-by in less than 5 seconds (time from pushing the button to getting a working browser window)
  • Connect to wired or wireless networks, USB sticks, cameras and phones
  • Display full-screen high-definition video from popular streaming services
  • Have a full-size keyboard and built-in pointing device
  • Have working speakers, microphone socket and headphone socket
  • Interact with standards-compliant websites and services
  • Receive regular software updates if you want them
  • Support high-security encryption techniques
  • Edit documents in the Open Document Format, as specified by the UK government